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The Roles And Duties Of The Bail Bondsman In The Criminal Justice Field

A bail bondsman (also known as a bail bonds agent) provides services to criminal defendants by guaranteeing payment of the defendant's bond to the court. Sometimes a court will release a defendant from jail if he or she can afford the requested bail amount set by the court.

However, many defendants cannot afford this amount so the defendant's family contacts a bail bonds agent to assist with the payment. If the agent chooses to render services on the defendant's behalf, the family usually pays a premium of the total bail amount and/or signs over a lien on personal property.

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So, if you are considering becoming a bail bondsman in the criminal justice field, there are few roles and duties that you will have to perform. In this article I discuss those roles and duties.

The bail bonds agent's primary duty is to guarantee full payment of the defendant's bond to the court, if the defendant fails to show up for court appearances and/or the trial. Since the agent can lose a lot of money if the defendant doesn't show up to court, he or she usually requires the defendant's family to pay 10% of the total bail amount, plus sign over a lien on personal belongings. In addition to the 10 % premium, there may be an additional service fee (which can be several hundred dollars).

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